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Health insurance is a very important layer of protection against such expensive services as medical when you are in need of certain treatment or procedure. It guarantees that in cases of need for prompt medical attention, people and their families are not financially crippled by expensive charges. Health insurance allows one be attended to by a doctor as a means of curing a sickness, get prescription drugs, and get checkups as a way of preventing the diseases.

Thus, with the help of health insurance, one can make sure he/she does not face too many issues when it comes to recouping costs of routine and preventive care, sudden emergencies and severe diseases. For the patient, the absence of insurance means that surgeries, hospitalization, and many specialists’ procedures may cost a fortune.

In selecting a health plan, issues like the choices for coverage, the costs for the plan, cost sharing in the form of deductibles, and the choice of doctors need to consider. Proposals are normally labeled as HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs, although the latter may be relatively less common these days. HMOs make members select a primary care physician and the member is supposed to get a referral from this doctor to see a specialist doctor while in PPO the member does not have to select a primary care doctor and is free to choose any specialist doctor. While EP is quite similar to SAP, EPOs are even closer: they offer coverage for services within a particular network. Knowledge of these options aids in the decision making on which plan is most suitable to the patients’ medical requirements together with their financial capability.

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